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Request Smoke Alarm for Seniors

  1. Would you like the City of South Fulton Fire Rescue Department install a smoke alarm in your home? The City of South Fulton Fire Rescue Educators and Firefighters are available to assistance you in receiving and installing a smoke alarm in your home. 
    Requests for smoke alarms will be filled within 10 days. Please note; this service is only for City of South Fulton residents.

  2. Requestor
  3. About This Visit

    Please give us the year your home was built and number of floors.  Tell us best time to contact and visit your home.

  4. Age Range(s) of Children Present
  5. Home Safety Inspection Requested?*
  6. Location (if not at the Requestor's address)
  7. The location should be within the city limits, although occasional exceptions are made for special events.

  8. Your visit and any special requests MUST be confirmed by the SFFRD (please verify your contact information, above) before it can be scheduled.
    If an emergency arises, the SFFRD may have to cancel with possibly very short notice.

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