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Request for Pre-Application Meeting

  1. Official COSF Seal
  2. Request for Pre-Application Meeting
  3. If the planner recommends a pre-application meeting, please complete the Request for Pre-Application Meeting Form below.
  4. Please complete this with as much detail and information as possible. PLEASE NOTE: an address or an APN is required; requests not including either of these will be deemed incomplete.
  5. Requests are reviewed weekly by the appropriate staff. You will be contacted with a meeting time and a planner or planners will be assigned to your meeting.
  6. Enter applicant's mailing address
  7. Enter agent's name if applicable
  8. Enter agent's phone number if applicable
  9. Enter agent's email if applicable
  10. Enter all applicable Assessor's Parcel Numbers (APNs) for the proposed project site. NOTE: Please separate APNs with commas.
  11. Enter the land use category or categories for the proposed project site area if known
  12. Enter the proposed project site area in acres if known.
  13. Enter the address for the proposed project site if known.
  14. Enter the cross streets for the proposed project site if applicable.
  15. Enter a brief description of the proposed project.
  16. Any there concerns or questions regarding the proposed project.
  17. Existing Agriculture:
    Are there any existing agricultural uses on the proposed project site?
  18. If there are any existing agricultural uses on the proposed project site, please describe.
  19. Previous Meeting*:
    Has a previous pre-application meeting been scheduled for the proposed project?
  20. If a previous pre-application meeting has been scheduled for the proposed project, please describe.
  21. Enter the names of staff members requested to attend the pre-application meeting if known
  22. Other Agencies:
    Select any additional departments/agencies that should attend the pre-application meeting.
  23. Please feel free to ask questions or provide comments.
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