Can I request an exemption?

Property owners/residents must have sanitation services provided from a vendor on the qualified vendor list. The Sanitation Ordinance does not provide exceptions to securing services with a sanitation vendor, including landfill operators, who is not under contract with the City.

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1. Is there an ordinance that regulates the City of South Fulton Sanitation Services?
2. How much will Sanitation Services cost?
3. Who are the Sanitation vendors?
4. Do we have to pick one of these vendors for Sanitation Services?
5. Can we keep our current Sanitation Service provider?
6. What if we don’t currently have sanitation services?
7. What if Sanitation services are not available in my area?
8. What is the deadline to select a service provider?
9. Can I request an exemption?
10. Are vendors mandated to offer both trash and recycling services?
11. Is the COSF mandating vendors to charge residents the 5% fee?
12. Who do I contact for recycling services?
13. Who do I contact for questions regarding Sanitation Services?