What kind of renovations will be made at both facilities?

The City’s General Services department is conducting assessments of both facilities to determine what renovations are needed and in what priority.

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1. Why is the City of South Fulton (COSF) taking over the SW Arts Center (SWAC) and S. Fulton Arts Center?
2. Will it raise our taxes?
3. Does the COSF have money in the budget to pay for them?
4. How much will they cost annually in operating funds?
5. What is going to happen to current programs and services?
6. Will we have to pay more for classes?
7. Will any programs and/or services be cut?
8. What happens to True Colors?
9. With Kenny Leon no longer the director and COSF as the new owner, how will scheduled upcoming performances be impacted?
10. What kind of renovations will be made at both facilities?
11. South Fulton is going to focus on STEAM. What will that programming consist of, specifically?
12. Did anyone ask the community if they wanted STEAM instead of performances and exhibits?
13. Why not do both? What’s the benefit of STEAM?
14. What happens to staff at both facilities?
15. Why use contractors to teach classes instead of part-timers like you have been?
16. When will that take place?
17. Will that make the cost increase? If not, how much will be saved?
18. Will the facilities have to close at any time for renovations?
19. Will the transition be seamless?
20. How will the public be impacted short and long term?
21. Who is going to operate the facilities?
22. Are you hiring new directors for the facilities?
23. Will there be a national search for Arts/Culture and STEAM?
24. How will things be “better” with the COSF?