Maintenance Schedules

Right of Way Maintenance

Right of Way Maintenance is required to provide safe and multi-use roadsides. A well-maintained right of way promotes a positive quality of life and is integral to the other functions such as utility installations, vehicle emergencies and sign placements. Right of Way Maintenance serves to maintain a safe zone adjacent to the road pavement, improves drainage of stormwater from the road surface, and creates an attractive vista along road corridors.

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Street Sweeper Program

The primary objective of street sweeping is to promote the flow of stormwater free of pollutants.  This includes the removal of debris including leaves, pine needles, litter, automotive fluids and parts that may impact the flow or quality of stormwater as it enters or is conveyed through the stormwater system.  This program is part of the Clean South Fulton Program, a comprehensive approach which promotes the cleaning and protection of public right of way through sustainable practices.

For a street to be included in this program, it must be outside of a subdivision with curb and gutters.  Streets in this program are serviced at least two times per month.  For months with a fifth week, our crews are responsible for storm drain maintenance in key areas.  Please note that this schedule is subject to equipment, personnel, weather, and training.  

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