Traffic Operations and Maintenance


Designing, installing, maintaining, and operating all traffic control devices, pavement markings, and signage in the city to provide safe pedestrian and vehicular movement. 


Traffic Signal Maintenance

  1. Maintain 67 Traffic Signals
  2. Maintain 40 School Zone Signals 
  3. Maintain 15 Caution Lights 
  4. 3 HAWK signals 
  5. New Signal Installation, as Warranted

Roadway & Facility Sign Fabrication, Installation & Maintenance

  1. Maintain 30,000+ Traffic Control Signs
  2. Fabricate new Roadway Signs, as needed

ATMS and ITS Systems

  1. Maintain Video detection and CCTV cameras

Pavement Markings

  1. Maintain 300+ Linear Miles of Pavement Markings
  2. Conduct Retro-reflective Assessment on Pavement
  3. Inspections

Traffic Studies/Plan Reviews

  1. Conduct Traffic Studies as needed
  2. Data Collection for Signal Retiming
  3. Conduct Signal Retiming
  4. Signal Systems Annually
  5. Plan Reviews

How To Report a Traffic Operations Issue

If your issue pertains to:

1. Broken signs or signals

2. Requesting signs or signals

3. Faded pavement markings

Please report to SeeClickFix and submit a request. Once you have identified your location, you will select the corresponding issue under the Public Works Category. Traffic Operations handles issues concerning signs being down (with importance towards stop and yield signs), requesting a sign, signals flashing or being down such as pedestrian signals, and faded pavement markings. Please add a photo (if possible) and detail your problem on the following pages so we can tend to the issue.