Construction Operations and Maintenance


The Construction & Maintenance section is responsible for routine evaluation and maintenance of city’s infrastructure (nearly 600  Miles of Roads, 59 bridges/culverts, 34 detention ponds, and 8,000+ Drainage Structures).


Brightview ROW Maintenance

  1. Tree Removal
  2. Local ROW maintenance
  3. State ROW maintenance
  4. Emergency Support

Construction Operations

  1. SeeClickFix
  2. Pothole Repairs
  3. Sidewalk Maintenance
  4. Sinkhole Repairs
  5. Local Row Maintenance
  6. Deep Base Repairs
  7. Dirt Road Abatement
  8. Dirt Road Maintenance
  9. Stormwater Maintenance
  10. Detention Pond Maintenance
  11. Vegetation Trimming
  12. Tree trimming
  13. Minor Bridge/Guardrail  Repairs
  14. Stormwater Standby
  15. Dead animals pick up
  16. Illegal Dumping

How To Report a Construction Operations Issue

To report an issue click here to go to SeeClickFix to submit a request. Once you have identified your location, you will select an issue under the Public Works Category. Construction Operations to be considered are the issues listed on this page above this text, and will often have the words "Field Operations" next to them on SeeClickFix. Please add a photo (if possible) and detail your problem on the following pages so we can tend to the issue.