Non-Curbside/Backdoor Service

Are you physically challenged when it comes to getting your roll cart to the curb? If so, there are two qualifications for this program:

  1. You must be considered physically unable to get the cart to the curb; and 
  2. There is no one in the home that can perform this task.  

To get started, simply fill out a request. Please complete the first two boxes and have your physician complete the third.

All trash placed in a cart for backdoor service must be in secure bags that can be lifted out of the container without injuring the service provider. On your service day please ensure that your cart is place in a visible spot for the service provider can locate the cart when coming up your driveway.  The service provider will not open gates, go into backyards or enter closed areas. Only City of South Fulton residential carts will be serviced.