Bulk Waste

South Fulton offers bulk item collection which is designated by city council district. Collections for each district start every Monday in the designated zones (see below). Here's what you need to know. Scheduling a collection is easy. 

  • Bulk items are to be placed out on Sunday evening (near dusk) prior to your scheduled week of bulk collection.  However, service may happen at anytime during the week Monday through Friday.
  • Residents can place 2 items not exceeding 3 cubic yards out for monthly pick up
  • Residents are highly encouraged to call to schedule pick-up but can place no more than two items of bulky waste or white goods at the curb no more than 48 hours before the pick-up date.  To schedule a pick-up call by the Wednesday before your Monday service to (770-) 554-0455 or complete the online request form
  • This service is not available for back door service.
  • This is a monthly service included in the city's residential annual service fee. 

Waste Pro is not required to collect bulky waste or white goods that have not been properly prepared for disposal, such as food or liquids that have not been evacuated and or captured by a certified technician in accordance with the law or doors that have not been removed from freezers and refrigerators.  However, Waste Pro is required to clearly communicate to the city and the resident why it has refused to collect the items.  

Regular Bulk Item Collections Days

Districts 1 and 2 - Starts 1st Monday of the month
District 4 - Starts 2nd Monday of the month
Districts 3 and 5 - Starts 3rd Monday of the month
Districts 6 and 7 - Starts 4th Monday of the month

Items Accepted

  • furniture
  • ranges
  • washers
  • sofas
  • car seats
  • play equipment
  • chairs
  • tables
  • other large household items that cannot reasonably be placed in a 95-gallon roll cart. 
  • All refrigerants must be removed from appliances & verification tag attached. 
  • Refrigerator doors must be removed.

Items Not Accepted

  • bags of household trash placed next to the cart
  • cardboard regardless of size 
  • tires 
  • batteries 
  • yard debris
  • construction materials
  • propane tanks 
  • windows and sliding
  • glass doors 
  • pool tables
  • safes
  • trampolines
  • mirrors and panes of glass
  • swing sets
  • pianos and other items that cannot be safely lifted

Many of these items can be taken to the Merk Miles Community Convenience Center.