City of Civility

The City of South Fulton is proud to be designated as a City of Civility by the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA). 

GMA, in partnership with its nonprofit organization, Georgia City Solutions, created the Embrace Civility program to equipcity-of-civility-badge- Georgia’s cities with resources to create more civility in their meetings and among their residents and meeting attendees. Civil behavior and speech are critically important to a healthy, functional and respectful society. For public service to be effective, there must be an atmosphere of respect and tolerance and a commitment to a healthy public exchange of diverse ideas and viewpoints.

To become a City of Civility, city councils are required to adopt a Civility Resolution and pledge to engage in civil behavior with each other as well as with residents and meeting attendees. Cities also have a civility pledge that can be published or recited at meetings. Learn more about the Embrace Civility program at

Read the city's civility ordinance.