Monthly Reports

Transportation and Solid Waste

The Public Works Department is pleased to share the 2023 Project Updates Reports for the Transportation and Solid Waste divisions. These documents include all active projects in various stages of implementation, including procurement, design, right-of-way acquisition, construction and maintenance. Click on a link below to view a particular month's report.

July 2023 Monthly Report
June 2023 Monthly Report
April 2023 Monthly Report
March 2023 Monthly Report
February 2023 Monthly Report
January 2023 Monthly Report

Urban Redevelopment Agency

The City of South Fulton residents is completing more than $17 million in capital improvement projects – including renovations of city parks and fire stations and the construction of a new public safety facility – under the Urban Development Agency. (URA)

Under the Georgia Urban Redevelopment Act, local governments have the power to rehabilitate and redevelop “pockets of blight,” where deteriorating buildings and infrastructure impact the safety and usefulness of those facilities. The City of South Fulton’s plan identifies 13 such sections in the city. Click on a report below to see the latest progress reports from those projects.

April 2023 URA Report
February 2023 URA Report