Carmalitha Gumbs

In my role as District 2 councilwoman, it is an honor to represent the residents of the City of South Fulton. District 2 is nestled within one of the most breathtaking natural wonders. With the Chattahoochee River and beautiful lakes, it is dubbed the Crown Jewel of the City of South Fulton. As your council representative, I look forward to collaborating in the future and being a part of the ongoing efforts to improve our city and its resources.  


Councilwoman Carmalitha L. Gumbs serves as the voice for the residents of the City of South Fulton District 2. As a dedicated advocate fighting to preserve and provide equitable resources to senior citizens, Councilwoman Gumbs brings to the city decades of community service. Her role as a Healthcare industry leader targeting preventive care, by providing seniors with Medicare options that supports and enhances their life.  

By building effective relationships that ultimately promote and empower physicians to make the best health recommendations based on a patient's complete medical history; Councilwoman Gumbs creates options that reduce the cost of Medicare while providing higher value to patience most in need. 

Councilwomen Gumbs has successfully launched several wellness programs within Atlanta, and the metro region that seeks to provided pop-up dental clinics, salons, and farmers markets to seniors, and vulnerable residents. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, she supported and provided access to Covid Vaccinations and essential community services to many seniors, and residents without healthcare. 

As the District 2 Representative for the City of South Fulton Councilwomen Gumbs has fought for environmentally sustainable legislation, comprehensive public safety efforts, and open and transparent information to the general public. Councilwomen Gumbs is also an advocate for seniors, women’s rights, and the overall growth of the City of South Fulton.

Recently Sponsored Legislation

Civility in South Fulton (RES2023-007) - February 28, 2023

The resolution created a civility pledge. which strives to ensure the mayor and city council exhibit mutual respect to achieve municipal goals, recognizing that patience, tolerance and civility are imperative to success and demonstrates the city.

Increase in Littering Penalties (ORD2022-040) - November 14, 2022

Councilwoman Gumbs sponsored this code amendment that increases the minimum fine for those convicted of littering from $200 to $500. The change also added the option of up to 60 days in prison, based on a judge’s discretion. Read the city's news release.

Reproductive Rights (RES2022-048) - August 23, 2022

Adopted unanimously, the reproductive rights resolution asked that no city funds be used to investigate cases related to abortion care and that reports of such care be given the lowest possible investigative priority bu police. Read the city's news release.

Investor Owned Housing (RES2022-053) - August 23, 2022

Citing the major disadvantage private investor ownership of single-family housing creates for would-be individual homeowners, South Fulton officials asked the state to develop regulations limiting the number of investor-owned homes in the Atlanta metro area. Read the city's news release.