Internal Affairs

The South Fulton Police Department's Internal Affairs Section is in charge of looking into complaints and claims of improper behavior made against department employees.  The Internal Affairs Section reports directly to the Chief of Police.

It is widely known that a law enforcement organization needs the backing of the community it serves in order to administer justice successfully. Both residents and Police Department personnel must feel confident that a fair and impartial mechanism is in place to fully examine and appropriately address accusations of misbehavior to build mutual confidence.

Depending on the nature of the accusation, a complainant can be asked to provide a sworn statement and undergo a polygraph test. If a complainant is unable or unwilling to visit the Internal Affairs Office, an investigator may make plans to meet them elsewhere. A letter can also be used to start a complaint.

False Complaints

On occasion, false allegations are made against members of the Police Department. The public should be aware that Georgia law may be violated if a false statement or written declaration is made to a law enforcement official. Officers also have the legal authority to pursue a civil lawsuit against anyone who makes a fictitious or malicious complaint.

You can file a complaint below:

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