Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the city make this change?

One of the recurring issues brought to the attention of city representatives is the cleanliness of streets and neighborhoods. While there is no one solution, this program will eliminate households without sanitation service, increase regularly scheduled service of public receptacles and use street sweepers to reduce the amount of trash.

Can I maintain or select my own waste provider?

No. To maintain a consistent citywide service and ensure standards of operations, residents will not be able to maintain or select a separate service for household collections of solid waste.

Can I opt out of residential solid waste services?

 No. City Ordinance 6-2003 holds that the city’s residential solid waste services are mandatory for all residents and therefore the city does not offer an opt-out option for residential curbside solid waste services.

What services will be provided? Can I request additional services?

The city will provide weekly curbside collections of one cart and monthly curbside bulky waste. Additional services can be requested directly from the provider, including additional carts and collection of yard debris. 

What day will my home be served?

Find your weekly garbage and monthly bulk item service day by entering your address on our interactive map.

When will my old cart be picked up?

Carts are the property of the previous provider. The City of South Fulton is working with each provider to ensure removal of carts is as timely and smooth as possible.   

How do I report an issue with my service?

If your service was missed, your container was damaged or litter was left please report that information to Trac EZ.  As part of this program, the City of South Fulton is using a third-party system to monitor issues and how long it takes to resolve them.  

Will there be a recycling option?

Merk Miles Citizens Convenience Center will continue offering recycling at no charge. In addition, the city is looking at additional locations to offer recycling options as well. Curbside recycling will not be offered at this time.   

How will I be billed?

All property owners will receive an annual bill from the Fulton County Tax Commissioner (estimated to be mailed between mid-July and mid-August) basic services, along with payment instructions. The property owner is responsible for payment. 

How is my solid waste bill calculated? 

Every home with residential service pays $233.16 per year ($19.43 per month) which includes weekly garbage collection and monthly bulk pick up. 

Is my mortgage company responsible for paying my solid waste bill? 

If your mortgage company pays your property taxes, you may want to contact them regarding arrangements for payment of this solid waste fee.

Do I still have to pay a solid waste bill even if no one is residing on the property? 

Yes. It is the policy of Solid Waste Services not to pro-rate charges because a residential structure is unoccupied.

If I am selling my property. Am I still responsible for the bill?

Yes. If you owned the property on January 1, you are responsible for payment of the bill. However, if contractual arrangements for the payment were made during closing, you may want to contact your closing attorney.

If I reside in a condominium and our complex utilizes a private company, why do we have to pay for Solid Waste? 

Any home with a roll cart is considered part of the residential collection program.  

Will Solid Waste fees be put back into the property taxes? 


How long do I have before a lien is placed against my property for Solid Waste for fees? 

The property owner will received proper notification of our intent to issue a FiFa (lien) 30 days prior to a lien being placed on a delinquent Solid Waste account.

How do I request non-curbside collections, such as backdoor service?

The city provides non-curbside collections for residents that are physically unable place their trash at the curb.  All trash placed in the cart must be in secure bags that can be lifted out of the container without injuring the service provider. As a resident you can request this service.  Once your service has been requested, please allow one week for the schedules to be updated. To get started, simply fill out a request.

 On your service day please ensure that your cart is place in a visible spot for the service provider can locate the cart when coming up your driveway.  The service provider will not open gates, go into backyards or enter closed areas. Only City of South Fulton residential carts will be serviced.

Will I get billed if my residential property is vacant or does not have a structure?

The city may authorize exceptions for properties with the proper documentation awaiting a certificate of occupancy. The city will also waive fees for properties without a residential structure.

Are there any discounts?

No. To keep services at a consistent rate to cover the cost of operations, no discounts are provided. The city will provide details of assistance programs if they become available.

Can I paint my garbage cart a different color?

No. The solid waste carts are property of the provider and city and may not be altered. In the cases of damage or alterations, the property owner will be charged the cost of a replacement cart.

Will the Merk Miles Convenience Center close?

No. Merk Miles is a critical feature of the Clean South Fulton Program. We are in the process of enhancing services offered at Merk Miles, especially those related to recycling. In addition, we will be enhancing the overall experience and conditions of this facility to promote its use. 

Note: Merk Miles is temporally unavailable, we apologize for any inconvenience and are working to restore operations.

How does my HOA order service?

Does your homeowners' association have a clubhouse, pool, or playground that needs service? This is a service through Waste Pro for $20 per month per cart. Sign up today.  

How do I order another cart or order yard waste collection?

For an additional container, yard waste collection or to report your garbage collection was missed, please request additional services.