Frequently Asked Questions?

Why is the City making this change?

One of the recurring issues brought to the attention of city representatives is the cleanliness of streets and neighborhoods.  While there is no one solution, this program will eliminate households without sanitation service, increase regularly scheduled servicing of public receptacles and use street sweepers to reduce the amount of trash.

What services will be provided?

Core services will include Weekly Residential Solid Waste and Monthly Bulky Items/White Good Collections.   Optional services (each household will contract directly with the vendor) include Additional Containers and Yard Trimmings.

Will there be a recycling option?

Curbside recycling (collecting recycling from your home) will not be offered at this time.  Merk Miles Citizens Convenience Center will continue offering recycling at no charge.  In addition, the City is looking at additional locations to offer recycling options as well.  

When will this program start?

Some elements, like more frequent litter collection, have already started.  Collecting Residential Municipal Solid Waste (garbage at your home) will likely start in late spring of 2023.  Please check this web page for the most up-to-date information.  

I don’t have garbage collections; how can I get this service now?

There is a temporary program to bridge the time between now and then when the program launches.  For more information, please contact us at 470.552.4311 or email [email protected]

When will street sweeping begin?

Street sweeping will be on collector roads and above with curb and gutters starting in January of 2023.   Schedules will be available in December 2022.  Please note that these routes will exclude subdivisions and office/industrial parks.   

What is the problem with our current system?

  • Currently, nine different companies collect residential garbage in the City of South Fulton, each with a different schedule and container.  It's hard to tell which day a provider is coming, so garbage cans stay on the curb all week.  
  • Garbage trucks are normally the heaviest truck on neighborhood roads; with multiple providers, this increases road wear and tear and shortens the life of the roads, bridges, and stormwater system.  
  • Not everyone has a garbage service, but every habited home generates garbage.  This issue often results in illegal dumping.  This new system will ensure that everyone has a place to put their own garbage.

Will Merk Miles be closed?

No.  Merk Miles is a critical feature of the Clean South Fulton Program.  We are in the process of enhancing services offered at Merk Miles, especially those related to recycling. In addition, we will be enhancing the overall experience and conditions of this facility to promote its use.

How will this be funded?

The Solid Waste Group is an enterprise fund.  Fees from managing residential and commercial solid waste collections will be used for the implementation of street sweeping, providing for the removal of litter and animal remains, and the management of illegal dumping locations.