Frequently Asked Questions?

When will the new service begin?

It is anticipated that new citywide services will begin June of 2023.   All residents will receive detailed information regarding new service approximately 90 days prior to the transition date. 

Why is the City making this change?

One of the recurring issues brought to the attention of city representatives is the cleanliness of streets and neighborhoods.  While there is no one solution, this program will eliminate households without sanitation service, increase regularly scheduled servicing of public receptacles and use street sweepers to reduce the amount of trash.

Can I maintain or select my own waste provider?

To maintain a consistent citywide service and ensure standards of operations, residents will not be able to maintain or select a separate service for household collections of solid waste.

What services will be provided?  Can I request additional services?

The city will provide solid waste service to include: weekly curbside collections of one cart and monthly curbside bulky waste.  Additional services that can be requested directly from the selected provider and shall include: additional carts and yard debris. 

Will there be a recycling option?

Merk Miles Citizens Convenience Center will continue offering recycling at no charge.  In addition, the City is looking at additional locations to offer recycling options as well.  Curbside recycling (collecting recycling from your home) will not be offered at this time.   

How will I be billed?

All property owners shall receive an annual bill for the basic services and the instructions for payment.  The property owner shall be responsible for payment.  The month the bills will be mailed will be determine and residents notified prior to services starting. 

How do I request non-curbside collections (i.e. backdoor service)?

The city will place an active link and a phone number on the city’s website and in educational documents starting in March of 2023 to assist those in need of non-curbside services. 

Will I get billed if my residential property is vacant or does not have a structure?

The city may authorize exceptions for properties with the proper documentation awaiting a certificate of occupancy.  The city will also waive fees for properties without a residential structure.

Are there any discounts?

In order to keep the services at a consistent rate to cover the cost of operations equitably NO discounts are provided.  The city will publish upon availability any programs for assistance to our residents.

Can I paint my garbage cart a different color?

The solid waste carts are property of the provider/city and may not be altered.  Any damage/alterations to the carts caused by the residents shall be charged to the property owner for a replacement. 

Will Merk Miles be closed?

No.  Merk Miles is a critical feature of the Clean South Fulton Program.  We are in the process of enhancing services offered at Merk Miles, especially those related to recycling. In addition, we will be enhancing the overall experience and conditions of this facility to promote its use.