Code Cares


Code Cares is a program under the City of South Fulton’s Code Enforcement Department and is an initiative committed to assisting our Senior residents that are in jeopardy of obtaining code violations and/or fines as well as providing awareness of programs and opportunities that will benefit this population.  It is an opportunity to help give back to our community and to provide a positive impact, such as: avoiding citations (fines) and/or code court appearances, beautifying our neighborhoods, as well as maintaining property values in the City of South Fulton. In addition, we want to give our Seniors awareness of other programs and initiatives that may be of use to them.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between Code and community. 

This project will help our senior/elderly residents with certain outdoor items they are challenged in completing themselves such as: 

-Mowing the yard 

-Raking leaves 

-Picking up litter or debris 

-Pulling trash bins to and from the curb 

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 One Community, One Mission, Code Cares



Click Image Below To Get The Form To Become A Volunteer

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Please contact us at [email protected] or 470-809-7247/470-927-4259 for further information 

Code Enforcement Code Cares Program 

5565 Stonewall Tell Rd. 

South Fulton, GA 30349 

or [email protected] for more

information and a volunteer packet.

Thank you in advance for your participation.