Parks Master Plan

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Build community through high-quality and equitable parks, trails, recreation, and cultural experiences. 


Create an interconnected system of parks, trails, recreation, and cultural experiences that strengthen the sustainability and resiliency of the City of South Fulton. 

Guiding Principles

  • Reinforce safe communities and identity
  • Foster economic development
  • Maximize awareness
  • Enhance equity and inclusivity
  • Promote excellence in education, health, and wellness 
  • Improve financial, environmental, and social sustainability

In addition to developing a City-wide Long-Range Vision for the City’s parks, recreation, and cultural facilities, the City of South Fulton Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Master Plan proposes improvements to existing parks.

On Saturday, January 29, 2022, City residents were invited to Welcome All Park to provide input related to park improvements. The workshop was advertised through the City’s website, social media, and through each Councilperson’s office. Over 70 participants attended the workshop throughout the day and provided insightful and exciting ideas about specific park improvements.

Based on the input collected from residents that day, the proposed Long-Range Vision, parks and recreation planning and design best practices, national parks, and recreation trends, and previously collected public input, the following are Preliminary Conceptual Master Plans for each of the City’s Parks followed by inspiration images of proposed park improvements. Please take a moment to review these plans and share your comments in the provided comment cards.

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Preliminary Conceptual Park Master Plans

Burdett ParkCreel Park
Burdett Tennis CenterDelano Park
South Fulton Tennis Center - Canine Crossing Dog ParkSandtown Community Park
Cascade Library Pocket ParkTrammel Crow Park
Cedar Grove ParkWelcome All Park
Cliftondale ParkWilkerson Mill-Farris Park

*Note:  It is important to note that these plans are conceptual in nature and would have to go through a lot more design and community input before they are implemented. These Preliminary Conceptual Master Plans are the very first step.