Meet City Council

The City of South Fulton is governed by a mayor and a seven-member city council, all elected to four-year terms. The council ensures the provision of effective municipal government services and regulation based on the needs of residents and within the parameters of the city's annual budget. Council members adopt and update ordinances as necessary; determine policies and standards; approve annual budgets and set the city’s millage rate, fees and fines.

The council meets at 4 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month for a work session and at 4 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday for a regular meeting. All meetings are streamed live on the city’s YouTube channel. Residents can provide public comments in person or online.

Dr. Catherine F. Rowell

District 1
Councilwoman Catherine Foster-Rowell
District 1 Map
[email protected]

Carmalitha Gumbs

District 2
Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs
District 2 Map
[email protected]

Willis New Photo

District 3
Councilwoman Helen Z. Willis
District 3 Map
[email protected]

Jaceey Sebastian

District 4
Councilman Jaceey Sebastian
District 4 Map
[email protected]

Corey Reeves

District 5
                  Mayor Pro Tem                Councilman Corey A. Reeves
District 5 Map
[email protected]

Natasha Williams

District 6
Councilwoman Natasha Williams
District 6 Map
[email protected]


District 7
Councilwoman Linda Pritchett
District 7 Map
[email protected]

2022 Districts Map