Missing Ticket Request

Have you attempted to pay your ticket or check on a court date and your ticket is not listed in the system?

1. Go to here and enter your information - if your case is listed and you need your court date do not use this form click here to get your court date.

2. If your case is not listed here then:
First, check the date of your citation - if it is less than three weeks since you received your citation, your ticket is still being processed, please check again after processing is complete.
Second, check your citation to make sure it is "City of South Fulton" and not Union City, East Point, or Fulton County. 

3. If you have a South Fulton and you cannot find it online then please complete the below form.  This form is a record that you appeared for court or attempted to appear for court if it is submitted on or before your court date. This form will not remove an FTA if it is submitted after your court date and your case is in the system. 
Use this form only if your ticket is not listed online.  Please note court dates are set out approximately 60 days after the date you received the citation and it can take up to three weeks to process your citation.
Completing this form does not excuse your appearance from any scheduled court date