Ticket Assistance

For assistance with your citation please complete the form below. Please use comment space to leave a detailed description of your questions or concerns.

Court Date FAQs

1. Is there in person court? Yes.  All court dates are VIRTUAL by default but if technology is a concern, you can request an in-person court date using this form.

2. I missed my court date or court was not open during my court date what should I do?  Pay your citation online here or contact the clerk of court using the form on this page. Note if you failed to appear you may be subject to an FTA fee, your driver's license may be suspended, or you may have a bench warrant for your arrest pending.

3. Can I request a new court date? No. Case resets are only granted for specific legal purposes and the request must be filed properly no less than 10 days prior to court. If you need more time to pay go here. If you pay prior to court you do not need to appear. Work and school excuses can be provided during court by request.