Court Date Request

If you missed your court date you are in Failure To Appear status.  You must request a new court date and appear on the date assigned to remove your FTA status or appear in City Hall to pay a $100 FTA fee.

NOTE: You can only use this form if your court date has passed.  You may not request a new court date for a case in the future.  Court dates in the future are only reset for legal reasons that include being incarcerated or having a conflicting court date in another jurisdiction.  You must provide paperwork for such a reset request.  Not appearing for a nonvalid reason will subject you to a bench warrant or license suspension.  

After completing this form you will get a new court date either via email or USPS mail in a couple of weeks. You can avoid court by making your payment here. If you make your payment online prior to your court date you do not need to appear in court.


1. Is there in person court? Yes.  By default all court dates will be virtual.  To request an in person court date please use comment space in this form or call the Clerk of Court at 470-809-7400.

2. I missed my court date or court was not open during my court date what should I do? Pay your citation online here or contact the Clerk of Court to request a new court date.

3. I do not know my court date or time, how do I find out? Click here for all citation information.

4. Can I get SCHOOL ZONE or CODE BOARD information using this form? No. For school zone matters go here.
For Code Board matters go here.