Community Relations


The City of South Fulton recognizes the importance of strong, vibrant neighborhoods. The city's Community Relations Specialist serves as the key contact to the city’s neighborhoods and homeowner associations.

This department helps to maintain the quality of life in the City’s neighborhoods by:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with neighborhoods and homeowner associations
  • Serving as a resource/liaison to homeowner associations and neighborhoods
  • Fostering communications between the City and neighborhoods
  • Providing assistance in establishing new neighborhood organizations and revitalizing existing neighborhood organizations


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Mayor khalid kamau 

District 1 - Dr. Catherine F. Rowell

District 2- Carmalitha Gumbs

District 3- Helen Willis

District 4- Jaceey Sebastian

District 5- Corey A. Reeves

District 6- Mayor Pro Tem Natasha Williams

District 7-  Linda Becquer-Pritchett

South Fulton's Beautification Project photo.

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What is the South Fulton Beautification Project?

The year-round campaign will educate residents, business owners, faith-based groups, students, corporate partners, and other stakeholders on the benefits of a clean city. Beautifying South Fulton accomplishes several goals:

  1. Promotes an improved quality of life;

  2. Boosts economic development, which brings tax revenue and jobs;

  3. Enhances tourism, increasing revenue;

  4. Encourages individuals to reduce waste and end littering; and

  5. Improves the overall health of all who live or conduct business in the city.

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