Streetlight MasterPlan


The purpose of the Streetlight Masterplan is to clearly identify options based on available technology and national/industry standards that integrate policies and programs within the context of the community’s goals and objectives. It will address the safety needs of all users of the transportation network; maintain infrastructure aesthetics that are compatible with the surrounding area; provide standardization to minimize inventory and maintenance needs; is cost-effective and energy-efficient.

This plan will help guide future streetlight infrastructure improvement and operation programs as the City continues to upgrade the system under major construction contracts, private development improvements, and spot location improvements. It will include an implementation and action plan with a realistic funding strategy.


The City of South Fulton was chartered in 2017 and is the third-largest local government in metro Atlanta based on population, behind the City of Sandy Springs and the City of Atlanta. It is projected that by 2030, the population of South Fulton with growing to over 127,000.

Most of the land within the City is comprised of unincorporated land in southwest Fulton County with the exception of the Fulton Industrial Boulevard corridor. The communities of Red Oak, Cooks Crossing, Stonewall Tell, Fife (part of Campbellton), Ben Hill, Sandtown, Cliftondale, and Peters Woods. Some of these towns were founded before the American Civil War, contributing to the history of South Fulton.

Project Scope

  • Identify ways to meet existing and future street lighting needs of the community in a manner that reflects the City's vision
  • Define approach based on available technologies
  • Address safety needs of all transportation users 
  • Guide future streetlight infrastructure improvements and operation programs 
  • Make recommendations regarding future needs, costs, priorities, future investments, and funding methods
  • Provide options for design, fixture styles, spacing, technology, and lighting levels 
  • Develop an all-encompassing Streetlight Policy that will replace all existing lighting requirements within the existing district overlay policies

Schedule/Key Milestones


Public Participation




Task 1: Project Management

  • Kickoff meeting summary notes
  • Project Management Plan

Task 2: Existing Conditions Review and Analysis

  • Inventory of Streetlights
    • Lighting level Study reports
    • Existing Conditions report
    • Meetings Minutes

Task 3: Needs Assessment

  • Short-Range and Long-Range Needs Assessment Report
  • Stakeholders Committee meeting materials and summary documentation
  • Stakeholders’ meetings summary notes (conducted throughout update)

Task 4: Streetlight Infrastructure Options & Recommendation

  • Draft Recommendations Report
  • Streetlight policy
  • Meetings Minutes

Task 5: Prioritization Methodology, Implementation & Funding Recommendations

  • Evaluation framework documentation
    • Implementation and Funding Recommendations Report (including maps, text and tables)
    • Stakeholders Committee meeting materials and summary documentation (conducted throughout update)

Task 6: Final Street Light Master Plan

  • Final Report
  • Short-Range and Long-Range project recommendations (including maps, text and tables)
  • GIS shapefiles
  • Approval resolution/ordinance
  • Project website materials (prepared throughout update)

Task 7: Stakeholder and Public Engagement