South Fulton Beautification Project

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Mayor's Restore Our Earth Artwork 

What is the South Fulton Beautification Project?

The year-round campaign will educate residents, business owners, faith-based groups, students, corporate partners and other stakeholders on the benefits of a clean city. Beautifying South Fulton accomplishes several goals:

  • Promotes an improved quality of life;

  • Boosts economic development, which brings tax revenue and jobs;

  • Enhances tourism, increasing revenue;

  • Encourages individuals to reduce waste and end littering; and

  • Improves the overall health of all who live or conduct business in the city.

The initiative includes proposed events for each month of the 2021 calendar year complete with focused messaging, key partnerships and sponsorships to drive community engagement and rekindle a sense of pride within individuals who live, work and play in the city.

Upcoming Events:

We are working to plan more beautification events and opportunities for everyone to enjoy. Sign up below to become a South Fulton Litter Buster and we'll let you know when we add new events to the calendar. 

Mayor's Restore Our Earth 

Artwork and Coloring Contest:

The City of South Fulton announced the winners of the Artwork and Coloring Contest. Congratulations to all who participated. Each winner received an opportunity to meet-and-greet with Mayor William "Bill" Edwards and were presented with a Mayor's Medal of Honor. They also received a gift card for a free kids meal at Chick-fil-A.

The South Fulton Beautification Project : 

Lunch and Learn Reading Series

The South Fulton Beautification Project Lunch and Learn Series features city leaders reading books to encourage young children to care for their environment, recycle, and cultivate awareness for the world around them. A new segment airs each Friday in April. 

Watch the latest episodes below:

Episode Two: Tammi Saddler Jones - What If by Samantha Berger

Episode Three: Donald Toms - 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World

Episode Four: Park Ranger Octavius Fears, Every Day is Earth Day

Episode Five: Fire Captain Andrea Hall, One Plastic Bag


Green Green Lunch and Learn Reading Series

Sign up to become a South Fulton Litter Buster today