South Fulton False Alarms

South Fulton False Alarm Reduction Program 

Alarm Registration

The City Ordinance requires all residential and business alarm owners to register their systems and keep their registration information updated and current. 

 There is no fee or cost involved in registering your alarm, but alarm owners who fail to register their systems (or don't keep the information updated) are subject to a $100 civil penalty fine.

The ordinance is designed to encourage alarm owners to properly use and maintain their alarm systems, thereby reducing an inordinate amount of false alarms in the City of South Fulton. 


  • If your alarm is not registered with the City, please complete the online registration on the South Fulton False Alarm Reduction Program website and received your permit number. 
  • South Fulton False Alarm reduction Program partner’s with Cry Wolf Services to process all City of South Fulton alarm registrations, false alarm violations and fines, and payments. You can reach them via email: [email protected]   or by calling 1-855-809-2060, Mon-Fri, between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (EST).  Ask for the South Fulton False Alarm Reduction Program.
  • If you receive a false alarm civil fine, you can pay online at the South Fulton False Alarm Reduction Program website. 
  • To appeal false alarms civil fines. See the Guidelines to Appeal on the South Fulton False Alarm Reduction Program website.


False Alarm Civil Fines & Penalties

 Register for a Permit

             No Cost

 Failure to Register an Alarm


 1st & 2nd False Alarm

No Fine

 3rd False Alarm


4th False Alarm


 5th False Alarm


6th  False Alarm


7th & 8th or More False Alarms


Nonresponse status after appeal granted



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