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  1. Cascade Road Bridge Replacement
  2. New Police Vehicles
  3. Tennis Center Renovations
  4. Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Project Status:  Complete (June 18, 2021)

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-Update 5/25/21

Recent work has included the milling and construction of the first-grade roadway. As part of that work, crews completed rough grading that allowed for the installation of storm drain pipes, remaining drainage structures, telecommunication conduits, and water lines. Heavy gravel was placed along the side of the road to protect stream banks, as well as the culvert, supporting walls, and drainage structures.

Activities underway now and planned in coming days include installation of water lines (including testing); compaction and rolling of the roadway; guardrail preparation; sidewalk construction; and installation of curbs and gutters.

 Final activities will include final grading, paving, striping, and installation of guardrails and landscaping. 



-UPDATE 5/7/21-

The contractor is on schedule and completed the milling on existing road approaches to the bridge and spread out across the culvert to have another layer of roadway stabilization. All density tests performed on the filling exceeded 95-percent compaction tests.  The contractor has stockpiled GAB to be spread out once the waterline work is completed by the City of Atlanta. We are working with the City of Atlanta to ensure they are on schedule as well.


We continue committed to the construction completion by the end of May, however, that does not include any unforeseen weather conditions.




-UPDATE 4/28/21-

Concrete compressive strength early break tests were performed on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, and revealed that 7 days after placement, the concrete had reached 4,660 psi of the required 4,000 psi 28-day compressive strength.   On Friday afternoon, April 23, the contractor began the backfill operations and has continued throughout the week.  In addition to the backfill operations, the approach roadway shoulders have been shaped,  communication utility poles have been removed and most debris has been removed from the site.   Next week’s schedule includes continued earthwork grading and utility installations (waterline and underground fiber communications).


We continue committed to the construction completion by the end of May, however, it does not include any unforeseen weather conditions.


-UPDATE 4/16/21-

Footing installation was completed on the morning of April 14. Pre-cast arch and wing walls were delivered to the job site on April 15. The contractor completed the installation of all pre-fab components for the culvert on April 16.  The contractor is currently pouring concrete within the footing to create a monolithic footing and grout the base of the arches in place.  Prior to backfilling, the concrete must reach a design strength of 4000 psi.  Construction personnel will create additional test cylinders and perform early testing prior to the normal 7 day waiting period to reduce delays.


-UPDATE 4/7/21-

Heavier than expected rainfall in recent weeks has forced City of South Fulton officials to extend the completion date for the Cascade Road Bridge at Utoy Creek. Currently, the contractor is preparing the site for the installation of footings, which should begin next week. Construction on the actual bridge will follow with the final construction phase including paving, and the installation of sidewalks and curbs. With no further weather-related delays, the project should be completed by the end of May.


-UPDATE 2/17/21-

The City of South Fulton Department of Public Works has issued a change order to AM Construction to address the unforeseen underground conditions on the Cascade Road over the Branch of Utoy Creek culvert replacement project. During excavation for the installation of the bridge foundation, it was determined the existing soil was not suitable to provide the required support for the footings of the bridge structure.  

In a collaborative effort, the contractor along with the geotechnical, structural, hydraulics, and civil engineers for the project, developed a solution to safely excavate 18’-20’ of unsuitable material to reach the layer of rock beneath the bridge.  The extra work required for the construction of the bridge foundation includes the installation of sheet pile shoring and bracing to remove the unsuitable material and backfill with compacted stone to provide the required bearing capacity for the footing.   

While originally scheduled for completion in January 2021, the contractor will have 60 days from Notice to Proceed to complete the installation of the culvert and have Cascade Road open to traffic.