CARES Act Assistance Update


The City of South Fulton is excited to provide assistance to residents negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiatives include rental and mortgage assistance, small business relief and education/recreation opportunities.

The city is funding these efforts with more than $4.14 million in CARES Act funding received from the federal government through the Fulton County Commission. We are thankful to all on both of those levels who helped secure this funding to serve South Fulton residents.

You can learn more about each initiative - including eligibility requirements and how to apply for or secure assistance - in the corresponding tabs below. You also can read the city's decision memo highlighting the city's CARES Act Funding Plan.

  1. Mortgage and Rent Assistance
  2. Small Business Assistance
  3. Education and Recreation
  4. Gladiator Benefits
  5. Employee Childcare Assistance

The application period for the city’s rent and mortgage assistance initiative has closed. The city is working with the Georgia Micro Enterprise Network (GMEN) to manage the selection of applicants and the distribution of funds.

 A statewide nonprofit agency with more 20 years of experience in administering federally funded programs, the network started communicating with applicants by email on December 7. Specifically, it is contacting all applicants to collect supporting documentation and issue notices of award.

GMEN then will make payments of $1,200 to landlords or mortgage companies on behalf of eligible South Fulton residents.  Applicants that are not eligible for the program will receive letters explaining why they were disqualified. The main reasons for disqualification are that applicants live outside of the City of South Fulton as defined by data from the Georgia geographical information system or they have self-reported household income that is above the maximum allowed by the assistance program.

For more information, read the frequently asked questions or e-mail