Park Rangers

Rangers are responsible for protecting our parks, natural resources and the people who visit them


South Fulton has great parks that need to be kept safe and secure so that all feel invited and welcome. South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows and Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Director Tony Phillips recognized the public need and created a cohesive, specialized unit to take on this task. Thus, they created the South Fulton Park Rangers (SFPR).

South Fulton Park Rangers provide public assistance and emergency services to the parks, recreation, and cultural facilities within the City of South Fulton. They are a team of dedicated men and women that support the Police Department’s mission by providing high quality police services in cooperation with our communities, while implementing 21st Century Policing principles and adopting a guardian mindset as we serve the public.

 South Fulton Park Ranges provide public assistance and emergency services in City of South Fulton parks, including first aid, park policing, search and rescue, and informational services at several parks. They monitor parks, trails, and recreation facilities across the city and also educate park goers on park regulations, city ordinances and safety measures to ensure a exciting and memorable experience.