Freeport Exemption

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, City of South Fulton residents voted to approve the Freeport Tax Exemption. The Freeport Exemption exempts companies from paying state and local property taxes on qualifying inventory held in their factories and warehouses. The vote allows the City to exempt the following types of tangible personal property: 

  • Inventory of goods in the process of being manufactured or produced including raw materials and partly finished goods
  • Inventory of finished goods manufactured or produced within this State held by the manufacturer or producer for a period not to exceed 12 months
  • Inventory of finished goods on January 1 that are stored in a warehouse, dock, or wharf which are destined for shipment outside this State for a period not to exceed 12 months
  • Stock in trade of a fulfillment center which on January 1 are stored in the fulfillment center.

View the Freeport Exemption application