The City of South Fulton desires to offer certain incentives to encourage desired private investment and recruit targeted business as outlined in the City's Economic Development Strategic Plan, to accomplish the following goals:

  1.  To promote the construction of new development and the redevelopment of existing buildings and infill development within Designated Development and Redevelopment Areas.
  2. To support the establishment of categories of new businesses that the Council determines will (1) significantly increase the overall commercial activity within the incentive area, (2) attract the city’s residents and tourists into the incentive area and (3) recruit Targeted Businesses that significantly increase overall commercial activity within the City.

We determine a company’s eligibility for incentives by evaluating the anticipated number of jobs created, capital investment, the average hourly wage for employees and community benefit.

Incentives which may be offered to Targeted Businesses are as follows:

  1. Reduction of development impact fees.
  2. Reduction of fees for development permits.
  3. Reduction of application fees for rezoning requests, special use permits, variance requests.
  4. Reduction of business occupation taxes.
  5. Acceleration of all aspects of the development review process.
  6. Acceleration of public hearing dates for rezoning requests, special use permits, variance requests, and requests for changes in zoning conditions.
  7. Incentives authorized by the Redevelopment Powers Act (Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 36-44-1, et. seq.)
  8. Incentives authorized by the Development Authorities Act (Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 36-62-1, et. seq.)

In no event shall any incentive result in a payment of City funds to a Targeted Business.