Programs and Performance

The Office of Programs and Performance enables the City to measure, track and report progress on major goals and initiatives. It also provides valuable data needed to make informed policy and program decisions, while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of city services.

The team works collaboratively with departments to strengthen strategic goals, identify meaningful performance measures and indicators of service trends and improvements, build capacity to collect and analyze data, and design user-friendly reports and dashboards to communicate performance metrics internally and to the public.

  1. strategic planning
  2. transparency initiatives
  3. customer service

Based upon months of research, public input and collaborative discussions, the City’s strategic plan provides a roadmap for where the city is headed in the next three years and beyond and the steps it will take to get there. The plan sets forth five overall goals to lead that drive as well as goals for individual departments that support the main tenants. It is with great pleasure we present City of South Fulton 2020-2023 Strategic Plan: Envisioning Our Future.