City Manager

As the city’s lead executive officer, the city manager implements the policies and directives of the mayor and city council in accordance with the city’s charter. The office manages day-to-day operations, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of world-class services that enhance quality of life and add value for all residents. Among other duties, the city manager is responsible for:

  • Addressing resident’s concerns through the coordinated efforts of department leads
  • Overseeing the service delivery of departments and their divisions
  • Developing and managing the city’s budget of nearly $120 million
  • Ensuring an effective communication flow with elected officials
  • Forging strong, effective relationships with federal, state and county officials as well as those from other cities throughout Georgia

These activities ensure progress toward the achievement of five major goals outlined in the city’s master plan for 2020-2023. These include:

  • Investing in developing strong teams
  • Growing infrastructure and solidifying finances
  • Increasing community collaboration and quality of life
  • Promoting economic development
  • Creating an efficient government