Grants Administration

Maximize revenue, strengthen compliance, and promote efficiency

The primary function of the Grants Administration Division is to manage a citywide grants portfolio inclusive of all federal, state and pass-through grants, and foundation grants.  Additionally, the division monitors and enforces the grants management process by working with City departments to ensure the City of South Fulton is optimizing all available grant funding as well as meeting compliance and reporting requirements.


The mission of the Grants Administration Division is to strategically coordinate, oversee, and administer grants for the City of South Fulton by establishing processes that support end-to-end grants management activities consistent with federal, state and local requirements, thereby, achieving the greatest use and accountability of grant funding.


The City of South Fulton will be a model for innovative and effective grant programming and a recipient of choice for grantors while providing valuable services to its citizens.

Effective Grants Management Is….Supported By Best Practices…And Sound Financial Management.

*Innovative and effective programming

*Diligent project management and compliance

*Effective program implementation

*Valuable and high impact services for COSF

*Portfolio strategy and planning

*Streamlined, consistent, and coordinated administrative processes

*Citywide oversight and monitoring

*Standardized and accessible training

*Accurate and timely accounting practices

*Understandable, transparent, and actionable data

*Planned and allowable purchases and services


A Grant is a legal instrument which permits the funding agency to transfer money or anything of value to an eligible recipient to accomplish a public purpose of support as authorized by the applicable rules and regulations.  Grants can be administered through a State agency as the pass- through agency or grants can be awarded directly by the funding agency to the grantee organization.


  • Formula Grants:  funding programs that are not competitive, however there are specific requirements and an application process.  Each grant award amount is calculated by a formula, and actual funding amounts vary.
  • Discretionary Grants:  funding awarded directly by the funding agency to the eligible recipients, most often on a competitive basis.  Some discretionary grants to organizations may be awarded on a non-competitive basis, often based on congressional direction.

FY 2019-2020 Monthly Reports

 Current Funding Partners

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Programs

Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA                       

Georgia Department of Transportation - GDOT

Chesney Fallen Firefighters Memorial                                                

Comcast NBCUniversal                                              

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation