Business License

Covid-19 Update

To protect our citizens from the spread of the Corona Virus disease (COVID-19), the Business License division will be closed to the public beginning Monday, March 16, 2020; until further notice. 

Click here to complete your Business License Renewal and to pay online. If you have trouble completing your renewal online, please mail or email your renewal forms directly to Avenu at the address provided on your renewal form.

All New Business License Applications are now being accepted by email. Make sure to include all required documents and contact information. Allow 24 hours for confirmation that we have received your documents.


All persons, firms, companies, or corporations, including limited liability companies, and professional corporations, now or hereafter operating a business in the city, are hereby required to register their business or office, obtain an occupation tax certificate for their business or office, and pay the amount now or hereafter fixed as taxes and fees thereon.  

Annual Occupational Tax Certificate Deadlines:

 Business License expires December 31st

 Renewal Deadline March 31st

 Occupational Tax (Business License) Penalties begins on April 1st 


Renewal applications will be mailed out  to all businesses at the end of each calendar year.

2020 Renewal Application

Generally, walk-in customers can complete the renewal process the same day. However, this estimate is heavily dependent on having all appropriate documents readily available and the volume of customers. 

We now offer a secure and easy way complete your annual business license renewal and pay online. Click here to begin.

New Commercial and Residential Business License Process:

Step 1: Zoning Confirmation

Step 2: New Business License Application Packet Submission

• Notarized E-Verify Private Employer and SAVE Affidavit

• Copy of Secure and Verifiable ID 

Federal Employer ID Number (EIN)

Georgia Taxpayer ID Number 

Secretary of State Control Number - only for corporations, nonprofit corporations, professional corporations, limited partnerships (LP), and limited liability companies (LLC)

Signs or Banners -  to hang a new, or change an existing, sign or banner contact the Permitting Division of (CDRA).

Professional State License - each person licensed by the State of Georgia pursuant to Title 43 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated shall provide a copy of his or her current state license.

Fulton County Food Service Permit - required if your business sells, serves or caters food. An additional licenses may be required for other food types/businesses; please check with the Department of Agriculture.

Alcohol Beverage License - required if your business sells or serves alcohol. All Alcohol Licenses are issued through the City of South Fulton Police Department, License and Permit unit. They can be reached at or 470-809-7372.

Short-Term Rental Application - there are additional requirements for businesses who rent short-term rental properties such as Air B&B and similar accommodations.  

Step 3: Schedule Fire Inspection (470) 809-7575 - the applicant is responsible for scheduling his/her inspection directly with the Fire Marshall once zoning has been approved and the occupational tax application has been submitted with the required $75 inspection fee. (Not required for Residential businesses; with the exception of Day Cares, Personal Care Homes and similar businesses.)

Step 4: Issuance of Occupational Tax Certificate - once the application and inspection have been approved and the certificate fee determined, the applicant must make payment in full before the Occupational Tax Certificate is issued. The certificate must be displayed in a conspicuous place at the business location.

Please click here to view the Business and Occupation Taxes ordinance for the City of South Fulton: