Building Permits

Address Application
Administrative Permit for Parking Offsite, Rec Courts, Towers
Administrative Permit for Festival, Event, Seasonal
Administrative Permit for Clubhouse, Golf Course, Pool, Temp Structure
Administrative Permit (Sheds)
Demolition Permit                                                                                           
Electrical Permit (Trade Permit)
Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Permit
Electrical Reconnect Permits
Fence Permit
Film Permit
Food Truck Application
Massage License
Sign Permit
Swimming Pool Permit
Temporary Power Connection to Service
Temporary Power Pole

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Code Enforcement

Extension Request
Vacant-Abandoned Property Registration                                                                                                              

Land Disturbance

Land Disturbance Permit

Planning & Zoning

Administrative Variance
Modification Application
Rezoning Application
Variance Application
Zoning Certification


Building Forms

Authorized Permit Agent Form 
Building in the City of South Fulton
Building Permit and Site Plan Checklist 
Check list for Retaining Walls
Deck Permit Information
Homeowner Affidavit
New Residential Checklist
Subcontractor Affidavit
Swimming Pool Checklist
Temporary Power Affidavit
Temporary Power Pole Affidavit
Quick Guide to The Permit Process

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule Update May 26, 2020

Land Disturbance

Detention Certification Form
Final Plat Checklist
Flood Plain Checklist
Hydrology Review Checklist
Landscape Tree Checklist
Minor Plat Checklist
Plan Review Checklist
Tree Administrative Guidelines

Planning & Zoning

Pre-Application Request Form