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City of South Fulton Takes Reins of Arts & Culture 

 The City of South Fulton Acquires Southwest and Cliftondale Arts Centers 

CITY OF SOUTH FULTON, GA. -- The City of South Fulton (COSF) City Council voted Tuesday to acquire the Southwest and South Fulton (Cliftondale) Arts Centers, furthering the municipality’s commitment to provide a full scope of quality services in one of Georgia’s newest cities. The acquisition goes into effect Jan. 8, 2020.

The centers, which attract visitors from throughout metro Atlanta because of the world class performances presented during the year, will be run by the COSF’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department. Under the COSF’s purview, the facilities will continue to provide premier art exhibits, live performances, community artist showcases, theatrical productions, classes for children and adults and other cultural programs for which the Arts Centers are known.

Transitioning the arts centers from Fulton County to the COSF is the latest in a series of steps the COSF has taken since its incorporation in 2017, to provide a seamless transition of vital services for residents. 

“The transition of the Southwest and South Fulton Cliftondale Arts Centers represent a tremendous opportunity for our City and our citizens,” said Tony Phillips, Parks and Recreation Director.

“We are excited about the opportunity to maintain and reinvigorate our crown jewels that help stimulate the local economy and showcase the good things that South Fulton has to offer.”

The complete transition of services to the COSF, the 5th largest city in Georgia, will take about 60 days.  Programming and classes will continue uninterrupted during the transition and acquisition periods. The government has put measures in place to ensure proper staffing and that technology needed for continued and seamless operations  will be migrated.

While the centers will continue to provide exciting arts and cultural programming for people of all ages, each facility will expand its focus to offer a robust schedule of events on an ongoing basis.