Alcohol Work Permits Application

About the Alcohol Work Permits
The City of South Fulton Department License and Permit Unit regulates alcohol work permits to ensure that applicants fulfill the age requirement and have not had any prior disqualifying convictions, in addition to other aspects of the City of South Fulton Municipal Code.

Who is required?
All employees who dispense, serve, take orders, or mix alcoholic beverages in establishments licensed as a retail consumption dealer must obtain an alcohol work permit. This is including but not limited to: bartenders, owners, hostess, cashier, waitress, waiter, manager, assistant manager, and any other employees who may be involved in the operations at a retail consumption dealer.

What does the permit allow me to do?
The permit allows an individual to work at a retail consumption dealer and it is issued per employee and per establishment. 

To obtain an alcohol work permit contact the License and Permit Unit at or 470-809-7372