Fingerprinting Services


City of South Fulton Police Department 

5539 Old National Highway, College Park, Georgia 30349; (470) 809-7320 

Fingerprinting fee: $5.00 Cash 

Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm 

Quick Tips for Weapons Carry License Applications (Gun Permits) 

No bills larger than $20.00 are accepted for cash transactions in the Probate Court 

You must appear in person at one of the Probate Court offices to make the application and have your picture taken for your license. No individual or private company can apply for you without your appearing at one of the Probate Court offices before the application is processed. 

Changes effective January 1, 2016 

When applying for a Weapons Carry License, or for a Renewal of your Weapons Carry License issued by the Fulton County Probate Court, you will be required to visit two (2) separate locations. This is a three (3) step process. 

STEP 1: Visit the Fulton County Probate Court to file your application for a Weapons Carry License. An application fee is required.. You will receive a Law Enforcement Affidavit from the Court to take to the Police Department. 

STEP 2: Take the Law Enforcement Affidavit with you to the Police Department listed below the Court locations. If this is for a new application, they will take your fingerprints to do a background check, or if this is for a Renewal, they will electronically conduct a background check of your name with NCIC. Each Police Department has a different fee for this service.

STEP 3: If you would like the Court to mail your license to you, you must provide the Court with a Self­Addressed, Stamped Envelope; you must be prepared to sign a written authorization giving the Court permission to mail your license to you, and you must be prepared to sign a written guarantee that you will pay the costs to have the license reprinted if you do not receive the license after the Court mails it to you in the envelope you provided. 

Age: 21 years of age or older or at least 18 and have proof that you have completed the basic training in the U. S. Armed Forces; that you are currently on active duty in the U. S. Armed Forces; or that you have been honorably discharged from the U. S. Armed Forces. 

Who: You must be domiciled (primary residence) In Fulton County or if you are not a domiciliary of Fulton County, you are on active military duty and either stationed at a military location In Fulton County of residing in Fulton County and stationed at a military location outside Fulton County. 

What to Bring: Applicants must furnish proof of Fulton County residence on a photo ID such as a valid Georgia Driver's License; a Georgia State ID Card or Military ID and orders showing that you are stationed in Fulton County or a contiguous county. If you are a Non-US citizen, you must furnish a Resident Alien ID card or other proof of lawful admission as a permanent resident in the USA. 

Temporary Renewal License 

A current license holder may apply for a Temporary Renewal License if less than 90 days remain before the expiration of the license or within 30 days after it has expired. A Temporary Renewal License is a paper license that expires 90 days from the date of issue.