Detectives are responsible for investigating serious crimes against persons as well as property crimes, normally referred to as Part 1 crimes.  In addition, Detectives are responsible for the investigation of other crimes including credit card fraud, bad checks, and similar crimes.  Detectives are on-call to assist the Field Operations Division when requested.  

CID Directory & Contact Information

South Fulton Police Department
Criminal Investigations Division
Phone: 470-809-7300

Name Phone
Capt. C. Flournory  
Lt. P Triplett  
Sgt. N. Moss  
Detective J. Blount  
Detective K. Thomas  
Detective E. Allen  
Detective D. Thomas  
Detective J. Fernandez  
Detective J. Rittenburg  
Detective Q. Williams  
Detective M. Principe  
Detective L. Watts  
Detective L. Walker