Field Operations Division

The Field Operations Division (FOD) responds to citizens calls for assistance (E-911) through uniformed patrol activities in 7 districts and interacts with citizens through community programs.  Field Operations operates on 12-hour shifts and is currently the largest division within the COSF PD. 

The Field Operations Division is comprised of 4 different shifts with the following supervisors responsible for the day to day operations:

  • Gold Day Shift
    • Lt. C. Gadsden
    • Sgt. C Pierce
    • Sgt. C. Blalock
    • Sgt. K Ireland
  • Gold Nights Shift
    • Lt. R. Wyatt
    • Sgt. N. Jarman
    • Sgt. J. Curtis
    • Sgt. L. Foster
  • Grey Day Shift
    • Lt. R. Shoemaker
    • Sgt. R. Frazier
    • Sgt. L. Riley
    • Sgt. R. McCain
  • Grey Night Shift
    • Lt. T. Reynolds
    • Sgt. M. White
    • Sgt. L. Carter

Lt. K Lester is the administrative supervisor for the Field Operations Division.