A full-service police agency, the Department has adopted a community-oriented philosophy and relies heavily upon community input and collaborative problem-solving strategies. It is through heightened community involvement in public safety matters that the South Fulton Police Department will most effectively address its many priorities, including, but not limited to youth-related crime, domestic violence and the perception of crime in South Fulton.  

The City of South Fulton Police Department currently serves a geographical area of approximately 87 miles with a residential population of roughly 99,250 residents. The Department is organized into four main functional operation:  

Office of Professional Standards (OPS)

Field Operations Division (FOD)

Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

Special Operations Division (SOD)

These Divisions perform a myriad of services from responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for services, investigating crimes committed against persons and property, conducting specialized investigations and crimes against the city code.