Physical Fitness Test

The Recruitment Section administers the Physical Agility Test (PAT) to all recruited applicants for sworn position. This test is based on the Agility Test developed by the San Jose Police Department, San Jose, California. The test consists of the following tasks:

  • Barricade climb
  • Balance beam walk
  • Over-hand hang one (1) minute
  • Dead weight drag
  • Completion of the entire test in two (2) minutes

Each candidate gets three (3) attempts to complete the course successfully. Scoring is based on pass/fail criteria. The tasks are representative of the degree of physical agility that sworn personnel are expected to maintain. Procedures used during the physical agility examination of each candidate are valid useful, and nondiscriminatory in nature.

Please visit our Facebook Page and watch a video of our PAT test here:  SFPD Physical Agility Test (PAT) or watch the video below.