K-9 Unit

The relationship between the handlers and their K-9 partners is unparalleled in law enforcement. Both the handler and the K-9 prepare constantly for the rigors and inherent dangers of their job.  As a result a bond between the two is forged that handlers equate to that of best friend, a brother or even that of their child.  Not only do they work and train together, they live together and K-9s become part of the handler’s immediate family.  This relationship is the cornerstone to the unit’s success. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for a K-9 to pay the ultimate price for his handler and our community while in the line of duty.

Our K-9s are tremendous ambassadors to our community and are often seen at public events throughout the city.  Much like people K-9’s themselves have very individual personalities.  Some are serious some are not.  Some are approachable and others are definitely not. Without the explicit knowledge and consent of a handler you should never attempt to contact a police K-9.   Our K-9’s are typically purchased and imported from breeders in Europe and are chosen based on size, temperament, drive and willingness to work.  

Our selection process for K-9 is rigorous and competitive.  Candidates will have a minimum of three (3) years of law enforcement experience. Selection qualification for candidates is determined by the Chief discretion and based on the criteria of a sworn South Fulton Police Officer. Candidates must kennel their assigned Canine at his or her residence and maintain a suitable environment for the Canine. The spouse/significant other and family of the candidate must successfully complete an interview, conducted in their home, to determine if the environment is suitable for the canine assignment. 

If you have further questions about the K9 Unit, would like to request a community demonstration, or are interested in possibly sponsoring a K9 team, please contact: Sgt. D. Healey or Sgt. K. Markham

Meet the Teams:

Sgt. D. Healey and K-9 Rolo


Cpl. G. Fraker and K-9 Franky