Chartered in 2017, the City of South Fulton has a council-manager form of government that oversees a host of municipal services. In addition to the elected mayor and council, the city is also served by a variety of appointed authorities, commissions, boards and committees.

 The city council sets policy and relies on the city manager to implement policy direction. The council consists of a mayor and seven council members. There are seven districts and all council members are elected within their districts and serve four-year staggered terms. Council members represent the interests of South Fulton citizens adopting public policies; determining the city's mission, scope of service and tax levels; passing ordinances; approving new projects and programs; and ratifying the annual budget.

Appointed by and reporting to the city council, the city manager serves as the chief administrative officer and is charged with the implementation of adopted policies and directives and the day-to-day operations of the city. The city manager is responsible for hiring directors to oversee each department.

South Fulton employs about 500 people and is organized into five functions – city clerk; communications; code enforcement; economic development; finance; fire rescue; human resources; information technology; legal; municipal court; parks, recreation and cultural affairs, police, public affairs and special projects; and public works departments.

We continuously strive to become a premier city by enhancing the quality of life of our residents through effective and efficient service delivery, smart growth development and exciting economic and recreational opportunities.


The City of South Fulton will be an innovative, diverse community that is safe, environmentally conscious, healthy, transparent and financially sustainable for all its citizens and visitors.


Each day we will exceed the expectations of our customers as we deliver municipal services with respect and professionalism.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1 - Develop strong, healthy teams

Government processes, services, occupational skills and professional work skills are paramount to advancing any initiatives in the strategic plan.

Goal 2 - Grow infrastructure and solidify finances

The main work of government is public safety and the provision of basic services such as water, roads and sanitation. Because South Fulton is a new city, considerable time and effort needs to be put into growing its infrastructure and financial health so it can best serve the basic needs of the community. 

Goal 3 - Increase community collaboration and improve quality of life

All new communities, especially a new city like South Fulton, should establish strong relationships with its neighbors and focus on quality of life issues.

Goal 4 - Focus on economic development

Growing the economy and generating sufficient tax revenues goes a long way to addressing and resolving city issues. Because South Fulton is a new city, more effort must be put in place to leverage strengths and minimize threats and weaknesses in this important area.

Goal 5 - Create an efficient government and service delivery I

It is important that the city continue to work toward becoming more efficient in how it operates. There is a need for systems, boundaries, clarity of roles and systems to allow Departments and others to function in an efficient manner.