Historic And Cultural Landmarks Commission

Historic Owl Rock Church sign and building

Who We Are

The City of South Fulton Historic and Cultural Landmarks Commission is empowered with a list of 25 powers and duties and to adopt a preservation plan to be reviewed every five years. The Board consists of 10 members. Eight of the members must be qualified electors of the City of South Fulton who are appointed to the Commission by the Mayor and each City Council member. The planning and development director and the building official are ex officio, nonvoting members of the Historic and Cultural Landmarks Commission.

Mission Statement

The City of South Fulton Historic & Cultural Landmarks Commission (HCLC) is dedicated to:

  • identifying, preserving, and revitalizing the City’s historic districts and landmarks;
  • fostering civic pride in the past;
  • promoting the use of historic districts and landmarks for the enrichment of the community;
  • encouraging preservation of historic integrity in land use and development planning; and
  • providing citizenry education to encourage preservation.

South Fulton Historic Resources Survey

The Historic and Cultural Landmarks Commission (HCLC) of the City of South Fulton invites community members to share their input on historic and cultural landmarks that exist throughout the city. The results from this survey may be used to inform future preservation efforts and initiatives. Please see the following definitions to help answer survey questions: 

Our ordinance defines “historic property” as: “a structure, site, or work of art (including the adjacent area necessary), or the proper use or appreciation or use thereof deemed worthy of preservation by reason of its value to the municipality, county, state, or region, for one or more of the following reasons:

  • It is an outstanding example of a structure representative of its area;
  • It is one of the few remaining examples of a past architectural style;
  • It is a place or structure associated with an event or person of historic or cultural significance to the municipality, county, state, or region;
  • It is a site of natural or aesthetic interest that is continuing to contribute to the cultural or historic development and heritage of the municipality, county, state, or region.”

Our ordinance defines “historic district” as: “a geographically definable area, urban or rural, which contains structures, sites, works of art, or a combination thereof which:

  • Has special character or special historical or aesthetic interest or value;
  • Represents one or more periods or styles of architecture typical of one or more eras in the history of the municipality, county, state, or region;
  • All such area, by reason of such factors, to constitute a visibly perceptible section of the municipality or county.”

In keeping with the guidelines of the National Register of Historic Places, we request that submissions to the survey be older than 50 years.

Thank you in advance for taking this survey. 

Click here for: HCLC Survey

HCLC Board

Board MemberAppointed byAppointment Date to Term Expiration
Ms. Shakia Guest Mayor khalid kamau (at-large)July 23, 2019 
Dr. Lynn AnidiCouncilwoman Rowell (District 1)January 14, 2020 
Ms. Cybil TalleyCouncilwoman Gumbs (District 2)February 27, 2018 
Dr. John HerringCouncilwoman Willis (District 3)January 28, 2020 
Mr. Charles MitchellCouncilman Sebastian (District 4)April 26, 2022 
Ms. Carmen Howell FergusonCouncilman Reeves (District 5)January 28, 2020 
VacantCouncilwoman Williams (District 6)
Ms. Elizabeth T. Miller(District 7)June 5, 2018 


Department of Community Development and Regulatory Affairs

Next Meeting

DATE: 03/22/2023

TIME: 1:00 PM


LOCATION: City of South Fulton | 5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd. SW, South Fulton, GA 30336

Meetings are held every other month on the 3rd Tuesday at 1:00 PM.