City Successes

Progress of the City:

The City of South Fulton is “Moving Forward," as it  has successfully transitioned all municipal services required by state statute. This milestone means the City is equipped to provide world classes services to its almost 100,000 residents.

The City is well prepared to provide quality services to new residents after successful completion of the annexation process.    

Police Department                                                                       

  • Reorganized department to focus on intelligence driven policing model to specifically target crime areas                                      
  • Experienced a 2% reduction in overall crime to include all Part 1 Crimes reported to the South Fulton Police Department
  • Hired a total of 38 police officers filling 60% of the department's vacant positions for sworn personnel 

Human Resources                                                                        

  • Adoption of the City’s HR Policies and Procedures                   
  • Hired 418 employees                                                                

Parks & Recreation                                                                        

  • Successfully transitioned the Parks & Recreation Department to the City of South Fulton to include every full and part time employee, 10 facilities, all operations, programs, and 17 parks spread over 693 acres                          
  • Successfully implemented CivicRec, a cloud based online recreation management tool that allows the recreation team to manage operations more efficiently and allows residents to register for programs, reserve facilities, or browse for information                                                                            

Destination South Fulton                                                                        

  • Passage of 100% Freeport Tax Exemption on All Four Inventory Classes - The Freeport Tax Exemption exempts companies from paying state and local property taxes on  qualifying inventory held in their factories and warehouses.
  • Tax Allocation District - is a defined area where real estate property tax monies gathered above a certain threshold for a certain period of time to be used a specified improvement. The funds raised from a TAD are placed in a tax-free bond (finance) where the money can continue to grow. These improvements are typically for revitalization and especially to complete redevelopment efforts.
  • Development Authority - The City of South Fulton has established the South Fulton Development Authority for the development of trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities being a public purpose vital to the welfare of the people of the City. 
  • Small Business Resource Center & Incubator - The City of South Fulton Small Business Resource Center provides small and emerging businesses with resources necessary to succeed. Our goal is foster economic development opportunities by supporting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and expanding business through business planning, expansion coaching, counseling, technical support, affordable office space, an entrepreneurial environment for clients, and more.     

Fire Rescue                                                                        

  • Purchased three new fire apparatus; one Ladder Truck and two Fire Engines. The equipment will help to reduce down time caused by repairs as well as house more emergency medical equipment     
  • Successfully attained Grady EMS as the new EMS Provider for the City. Grady EMS has reduced the average response time to the City of South Fulton to 11 minutes in comparison to the previous average response time of 25 minutes                              

Communications & External Affairs                                                                                         

  • Launched and organized the look of the City’s new website, which has accumulated 70,882 website views since August 2018                                
  • Managed the Fulton Industrial Education Campaign – Resulting in the citizens of the City of South Fulton voting "yes" for all (7) seven items on the November 2018 ballot that affected the City  

Public Works                                                                        

  • Successful transitioned Public Works services to the City of South Fulton - Public Works provides Construction and Maintenance, Traffic Operations and Field Services to City of South Fulton residents          
  • Construction and Maintenance services include maintenance of the City's roads, bridges gravel roads, drainage system and right of ways            
  • Traffic Operations handles traffic signal maintenance, roadway and facility sign fabrication, installation and maintenance, ATMS and ITS systems, pavement markings and traffic studies Public Works manages the City's Sanitation Services which are provided by vendors on the City's approved vendors list                                                                 

Information Technology                                                                        

  • Information Technology implemented employee and public wireless in all of our facilities and assisted in supporting the release of our COSF 311 solution (SeeClickFix), the City's new citizen engagement tool Click Here to check it out                                        


  • Unanimous adoption of the 2019 Budget                            
  • Paid off the $12M Tax Anticipation Note (TAN)                                           

Community Development & Regulatory Affairs                                                                   

  • Achieved the 2018 State Recognition of being a “Qualified Local Government”      
  • Established TELL line for residents to report code violations and other issues                                      

The City of South Fulton staff takes pride in serving residents and businesses in a timely and courteous manner. We will continue to strive to provide exceptional services and increase communications and in 2019.