Strategic Planning

What is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is a document that establishes a road map for the City and includes plans for achieving the City’s primary goals.  The strategic plan helps everyone to know where the City is headed and how we plan to get there. 


City of South Fulton aspires to be an innovative, culturally diverse community that is safe, environmentally conscious, healthy, transparent and financially sustainable for all citizens and visitors. 


Each day we will exceed the expectations of our customers as we deliver high-quality municipal services with respect and professionalism. 


Core values are behaviors that we desire to live by each day as we serve each other, valued citizens and visitors.

  1. Honesty and Integrity
  2. Respect for Others
  3. Service to Others
  4. Environmentalism 
  5. Efficiency in Government
  6. Open-Mindedness
  7. Passion and Positivity

5 Strategic Focus Areas

Community Input Sessions Part 1

Strategic Planning Session 1

Wolf Creek LibraryDec 10 Wolf Creek Library

Strategic Planning Session 2

Arlington Christian SchoolDec 12 Arlington Christian School

Strategic Planning Session 3

South Fulton Annex Dec 13 South Fulton Annex Center

Strategic Planning Session 4

South West Arts CenterDec 19 South West Arts Center

Community Input Sessions Part 2

Strategic Planning Session 1

Zion Hill Baptist Church
Session 1 pic

Strategic Planning Session 2

Welcome All Park
Session 2 pic

Strategic Planning Session 3

Aviation Community Cultural

Session 3 Pic

Strategic Planning Session 4

Burdett Recreation Center

session 4 pic 2

Strategic Planning Session 5

Cedar Grove Community Center
Session 5 pic

Strategic Plan Survey Results

Click here to access the Strategic Plan survey results. Click here to access the Strategic Plan raw data.


For questions about the City’s Strategic Plan, please email Programs & Performance Administrator Joy Marshall at