Resident Requests

Resident Requests

The City is very responsive to citizen’s concerns and requests. Based upon the request or concern the City will prioritize the request based upon the following priority basis:

Priority 1 – “Urgent” (complete within 1 business day).

These issues present a concern to the health safety and welfare of the traveling project. Examples of these kinds of concerns are: 

  • traffic signal out
  • traffic signal on flash
  • large potholes/sinkholes
  • bridge over topping (flooding)
  • debris and litter causing safety hazard
  • dead animal in roadway
  • flooding in roadway
  • downed tree/power lines in the road
  • storm pipe clogged resulting in severe flooding
  • snow/ice that presents hazards to motorists and pedestrians

Priority 2 – “Important” (complete within 3 business days)

This priority will be used when response time is important, but not “urgent.” These priorities include:

  • small potholes
  • correcting sight distance issues
  • pickup debris and litter along roadways
  • dead animals on the shoulder or off the road

Priority 3 – “Standard” (complete within 10 business days)

This priority is used for corrective work that can be planned and scheduled based upon efficiencies. These priorities include:

  • routine sign replacements
  • street light requests
  • street repairs
  • etc.

Priority 4 – “Preventative Maintenance”

This priority is used for all maintenance activities that are performed on a routine schedule such as:

  • mowing
  • litter pickup
  • storm structure inspections/cleanings
  • Note: For example, mowing of designated roads will be performed every 4 weeks during growing season (April through September).

Priority 5 – “Extensive” (complete within 30 days)

This priority is used for projects that cannot be completed within 10 days due to size/scope of the project or because there is a lead time for ordering parts/materials.

Questions? Contact Public Works at (470) 552-4311