Resident Requests

The City is very responsive to citizen’s concerns and requests. Based upon the request or concern the City will prioritize the request based upon the following priority basis:

  1. Priority 1 – “Urgent” (Complete Within 1 Business Day)
  2. Priority 2 – “Important” (Complete Within 3 Business Days)
  3. Priority 3 – “Standard” (Complete Within 10 Business Days)
  4. Priority 4 – “Preventative Maintenance”
  5. Priority 5 – “Extensive” (Complete Within 30 Days)

These issues present a concern to the health safety and welfare of the traveling project. Examples of these kinds of concerns are: 

  • traffic signal out
  • traffic signal on flash
  • large potholes/sinkholes
  • bridge over topping (flooding)
  • debris and litter causing safety hazard
  • dead animal in roadway
  • flooding in roadway
  • downed tree/power lines in the road
  • storm pipe clogged resulting in severe flooding
  • snow/ice that presents hazards to motorists and pedestrians


Contact Public Works at (470) 552-4311