Destination South Fulton

What is Destination South Fulton?

Destination South Fulton is the City's Economic Development arm focused on providing:

  • Key Incentives
  • Business Retention and Attraction
  • Customer Service
  • Permitting & Licensing
  • Business Investment

Why the City of South Fulton?

The City of South Fulton is a prime location and compelling choice for your business. Its geography, qualified workforce, lower cost of living, access to government and education, quality of life, amenities and culture are all key ingredients that make South Fulton where you want to be.

The City of South Fulton is the third largest city in Fulton County at 85.64 square miles of land and serves a population of over 98,000 and 1,776 businesses. Continued public and private investment is evident in many of the City's commercial corridors and opportunity sites. 

City Snapshot

  • Chartered May 1, 2017
  • 85.64 Square Miles
  • 1,700+ Businesses
  • Home to Wolf Creek Amphitheater
  • 17 parks totaling 692 acres
  • Fire Service
    • 10 Fire Stations
    • ISO 3-9
    • 167 Fire Personnel
  • Police Service
    • 3 Precincts
    • 117 Police Personnel
  • Busiest Airport in the World
    • 15.5 miles from City Hall

Case Study

Destination South Fulton