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The City of South Fulton is divided into zones or districts that regulate the physical development of the land and limit the uses of a property. Zoning prescribes the legal and current use of a piece of property. In accordance with district standards, zoning regulations specify permitted uses, required lot dimension, setbacks and building square footage. Zoning implements the goals of the Future Land Use Plan. Zoning destinations remain intact until a re-zoning to change the use of the property is approved by the local governing body. 

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Planning is a comprehensive discipline which assesses current and future needs of a community to create balance between people and the environment. The goal of city and regional planning is to further the welfare of people and their communities by creating convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive environments for present and future generations.

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  2. 2021 Comprehensive Plan
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Zoning Code

A zoning ordinance is a written regulation and law that defines how property in specific geographic zones can be used.

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Our Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool to find the current zoning classification, an associated zoning petition number, overlay district information, and the council district of any parcel in the city.

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COSF City Limits Map: City Limits Map
COSF Council Districts Map: Council District Map
COSF Future Land Use MapFuture Land Use Map
COSF Zoning Map: Zoning Map

  1. Old National LCI
  2. Sandtown LCI
Originally adopted under Fulton County in 2004 and in collaboration with the City of College Park, The Old National LCI was developed to spur development, encourage economic development, and enhance urban design and mobility in and around the Old National Highway corridor south of Hartsfield/Jackson International Airport. 

The overall plan for the Old National Highway study area was developed to address the following goals of the LCI program: 
1. Efficiency/Feasibility of Land Uses
2. Transportation Demand Reduction Measures
3. Internal Mobility Requirements
4. Mixed-Income Housing, Job/Housing Match
5. Continuity of Local Streets
6. Need/Identification of Future Transit Systems
7. Connectivity of Transportation System to Other Systems
8. Center Development Organization and Management
9. Stakeholder Participation/Support
10. Public/Private Investment Policy

Click here for Old National LCI Plan
Click here for Old National LCI Plan 5-year Update
Click here for Old National LCI 2022 Report - FINAL

If you have additional questions or comments in regard to the 2022 Old National LCI Study Report, we encourage you to reach out to the COSF Planning email address at [email protected].


  1. Campbellton
  2. Washington Road
  3. Model Mile

The City of South Fulton (COSF) partnered with the City of Chattahoochee Hills and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to create a master plan for the Historic Campbellton area. This plan balances historic and natural resources with modern day regulations and development practices to create a hamlet that meets the social, economic, and recreation needs of both communities.

Plan development started in March 2020 and included a mixture of stakeholder interviews, virtual public meetings, and a pop-up event that influenced the plan’s concept and design. Since the plan includes property from both jurisdictions, residents and Councilmembers from both South Fulton and Chattahoochee Hills worked closely on the plan’s development.

In addition to working to preserve the rural character of the area while anticipating future economic development, the plan also considers traffic, utility, topography, and safety concerns. The end product is a plan that emphasizes creating a high-quality development that invites access to the Chattahoochee river. The plan intends to preserve history by considering the Native American presence in the area, the formation of Campbell County, the area’s past as an agricultural economy, all while nurturing the development of the area as a suburban oasis.

Click here for: Campbellton Crossroads Plan