On October 23, 2018, Mayor and Council adopted Solid Waste Ordinance 2018-041, making it mandatory for all residents to sign up with a registered vendor. Recent data received from sanitation haulers shows several of our residents are not registered with one of the nine approved vendors for sanitation services. To sign up for service or if you have service and received this notice in error, please complete the form. Thank you for doing your part in keeping City of South Fulton beautiful.


  1. To promote safety, sanitation, reliable waste collection, and protection of the environment and City streets and roads
  2. To assist with controlling illegal dumping

Overall Description of the Program

  1. Solid Waste Vendors must qualify with the City by meeting the minimum requirements of the Solid Waste Ordinance and secure a City of South Fulton Waste Collection permit.
  2. Authorized Vendors contract directly with Residents to establish waste collection services.
  3. Property Owners/Residents have the option of selecting any company from the approved Vendor list to provide service.
  4. The City charges approved vendors an infrastructure maintenance fee to assist with costs associated with maintaining the roads.
  5. Allows residents to maintain current sanitation service Vendor.
  1. Gordon

    Gordon Burkette

    Solid Waste Coordinator
    Phone: 470.552.4311

  1. Ordinance FAQs
  2. Sanitation Letter to Residents